CAC Speaker - Maximilian Bruckner

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Aug 25, 2023 7:21:28 PM

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Maximilian Bruckner (21e6 Capital)

Maximilian Bruckner holds a pivotal role as the Head of Marketing & Sales at 21e6 Capital, a Swiss crypto investment advisory. Under his leadership, the firm emphasizes crypto asset risk management for discerning family offices and institutional investors. Drawing on a vast network and analytical prowess, 21e6 Capital has evaluated a myriad of crypto hedge funds globally, shaping portfolios that maximize crypto exposure while strategically minimizing risks. Prior to his tenure at 21e6 Capital, Maximilian served as the Executive Director of the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA). There, he championed the categorization of a broad spectrum of crypto assets, leading to the development of an intricate classification framework. This endeavor has contributed significantly to the discourse on digital assets and their placement in the financial landscape. Maximilian's contributions extend beyond the boardroom, as he regularly disseminates his insights at conferences, guiding wealth managers and private banking professionals on the nuances of crypto asset management. With a strong foundation in crypto and digital assets, Maximilian Bruckner stands as a great voice in today's crypto-centric financial arena.

LinkedIn: Maximilian Bruckner