CAC Speaker - Roland Häussermann

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Aug 17, 2023 10:58:43 AM

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Roland Häussermann (Ernst & Young)

Roland Häussermann is a Partner at Ernst & Young (EY), where he has been a dedicated member since 1995. Starting his career in the tax department at EY's Stuttgart office, he later took charge of the International Tax Services team in 2008, focusing on Germany-based clients, especially with international ventures. In 2000, Roland gained invaluable experience at the German Tax Desk in New York before returning to Germany to work for the Global Tax Solutions Group in Munich, concentrating on investment and financial matters.

In 2011, Roland transitioned to the Heilbronn location, where he assumed site leadership in 2013. Along with his team, he specialized in the M&A Business and Corporate Restructurings area from 2005 onwards. His comprehensive expertise in international tax, corporate restructuring, and steadfast leadership across multiple facets of the organization makes Roland Häussermann a vital figure in EY's ongoing success and a highly regarded expert in his field.

LinkedIn: Roland Häussermann