CAC Speaker - Sandro Stark

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Aug 20, 2023 8:59:33 PM

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Sandro Stark (Vanagon)

Sandro Stark is a General Partner at Vanagon Ventures, where he focuses on supporting founders applying frontier technology to create positive societal and environmental change. He sees the potential for emerging technologies to resolve global challenges and aims to realize massive long-term growth potential through his investments.

Before joining Vanagon, Sandro led corporate venture building for blockchain at Allianz and served as an Industry Strategist at Microsoft for over five years. He has hands-on experience with innovative technologies, having built an API to register NFTs on the Ethereum chain directly from the browser in 2017. Now, Sandro scouts the next frontier in software companies, specifically those building at the intersection of climate solutions and open financial systems.

LinkedIn: Sandro Stark