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Sep 7, 2023 6:54:36 PM

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MarketVector Indexes - Silver Sponsor

Established as a frontrunner in the indexing landscape, MarketVector Indexes™ specializes in the creation, monitoring, and promotion of the MarketVector™ Indexes. These indexes are meticulously curated, representing a targeted selection of pure-play and investable benchmarks tailored to underpin diverse financial products. Spanning multiple asset classes, MarketVector Indexes™ encompasses hard assets, international equity markets, and the fixed income sector.

Presently, a substantial sum of almost USD 30 billion in assets under management is invested in financial instruments grounded on the MarketVector™ Indexes. A noteworthy portion of these products stand out as market leaders within their respective investment niches. Additionally, in response to the evolving needs of the financial industry, MarketVector Indexes™ extends its expertise to devise and oversee customized indexes. Catered to third parties, these specialized indexes are designed to accurately track specific investment themes, further highlighting the firm's adaptability and prowess in the realms of crypto, blockchain, and digital assets.

Website: MarketVector Indexes