CAC24A Speaker - Benjamin Bönisch

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Mar 25, 2024 11:42:13 AM

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Benjamin Bönisch (ETO GRUPPE)

Benjamin Bönisch is SVP Digital Products & Services at ETO GRUPPE and manages several digital transformation projects. He is responsible for strategic cooperations, acquisitions and the business unit Digital Products & Services, primarily involving new IoT-related B2B and B2C business fields. These include, for example, current new developments in the agricultural sector, which will be marketed by the ETO GRUPPE subsidiary farmunited GmbH from 2024. His business unit will also bring innovations to the retail and health care markets. He is particularly focused on the use of distributed ledger technology in IoT related systems, with a focus that hardware owners and App users are getting back sovereignty over their personal data.

Benjamin Bönisch has been working for ETO GRUPPE since 2007 in several managing roles in sales, strategy and M&A. He led the investment rounds with, and as well as the full stake integration of and

LinkedIn: Benjamin Bönisch

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