CAC24A Speaker - Dolf Diederichsen

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Apr 3, 2024 2:15:07 AM


Dolf Diederichsen (Hyphe)

Dolf Diederichsen serves as the CEO & Co-Founder of Hyphe, an organization dedicated to facilitating connections between financial institutions and digital currency trading, with the aim of broadening access to financial markets. Prior to his role at Hyphe, Dolf held the position of CEO & Co-Founder at B4C Markets, a liquidity provider based in Amsterdam, which supported European financial institutions in embracing digital currency trading under the regulatory oversight of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Established in 2013, B4C Markets significantly contributed to the development of the digital currency exchange landscape. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Dolf gained strategic experience as a project leader at Boston Consulting Group, where he refined his consultancy skills, later applying them to his pursuits in the digital finance sector.
Dolf's expertise lies in advancing blockchain technology and enhancing accessibility to digital assets, demonstrating a strong commitment to aligning traditional financial structures with modern digital trading practices.

LinkedIn: Dolf Diederichsen

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