CAC24A Speaker - Emma Lovett

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Mar 28, 2024 11:37:07 AM

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Emma Lovett (J.P. Morgan)

Emma Lovett is Credit Lead for the Markets DLT team and Executive Director at J.P. Morgan. In her current role, she is actively involved in the development of capabilities aimed at advancing Digital Assets utilizing Blockchain technology within the Credit Markets. These efforts are focused on complementing existing frameworks and addressing clients’ requirements.
Prior to this role, Emma served as Head of EMEA Deal Management for Fixed Income New Issues (Syndicate) at J.P. Morgan. With over 20 years of experience at J.P. Morgan, including 15 years in the Primary Markets business, Emma possesses expertise in various aspects. This includes technology, regulation, legal and compliance, internal procedures, and settlement processes for bonds, both from the issuer and investor perspectives.

LinkedIn: Emma Lovett

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