CAC24A Speaker - Moritz Schildt

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Mar 17, 2024 1:59:12 PM

Moritz Schildt

Moritz Schildt (Bundesblock)

Moritz Schildt is a Managing Partner with a rich history in the financial services sector, notably in Banking, Asset Management, and Portfolio Management. His proficiency extends notably into the Crypto and Blockchain arenas. Currently, Moritz serves as a Member of the Board at Bundesblock - Federal Association for Blockchain, a non-profit organization based in Berlin that advocates for blockchain technology in Germany. Since its establishment in 2017, Bundesblock has grown significantly, counting many leading German-based blockchain startups among its members. In addition to his role at Bundesblock, Moritz is the Founder of coinIX, an investment company emphasizing blockchain technology and virtual currencies, including equity participations and positions in virtual currencies and ICOs. Concurrently, he also holds the position of Managing Partner at nordIX AG, a regulated Fixed Income Boutique that offers brokerage services for institutional investors and asset management. His extensive leadership journey is punctuated by several board-level roles and consultancy engagements, showcasing his deep industry acumen.

LinkedIn: Moritz Schildt

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