CAC24A Speaker - Paul Hülsmann

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Feb 26, 2024 2:59:13 PM

Paul Hülsmann


Paul Hülsmann (FINEXITY)

Paul is the CEO and co-founder of FINEXITY AG, an investment platform for alternative assets. Meanwhile, he is also a Regional Chair at the Fibree foundation a leading foundation for international blockchain and real estate expertise. Furthermore, he has been ranked as one of the top ten finance and insurance innovators in Germany in 2020 (Business Punk). He started his career working in the Post Acquisition Integration at Rhenus Logistics before joining Warwick Investment Fund as an Equity Analyst. He later rejoined Rhenus Logistics,and worked at Scandium Research and RH3V0 INNOVATIONS. Prior to starting his career, Paul studied Management with a focus on Finance at the University of Warwick (UK) and have previously co-headed an international incubator/CVC.

LinkedIn: Paul Hülsmann

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