CAC24A Speaker - Ralf Kubli

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Mar 6, 2024 11:17:59 AM

Ralf Kubli


Ralf Kubli (Casper)

Ralf Kubli, an advisor at Nucleus Finance, has been instrumental in assisting entrepreneurs in the decentralized economy. He is deeply involved in regulatory initiatives, ensuring Switzerland maintains a competitive stance in blockchain and crypto. Prior to Nucleus Finance, Ralf served as a Director at CV VC, a firm dedicated to investing in various stages of blockchain projects. In the broader blockchain community, Ralf holds positions of significance. He is a board member of the Casper Association, focusing on advancements in Proof-of-Stake, and acts as the President Europe for Validation Cloud, a leading institutional infrastructure provider offering Node & Staking-as-a-service.
With a background in both centralized business sectors and digital assets, Ralf Kubli offers an informed perspective on the contemporary digital finance landscape.

LinkedIn: Ralf Kubli

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