CAC24A Speaker - Dr. Tim Kreutzmann

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Mar 20, 2024 6:05:24 PM

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Dr. Tim Kreutzmann (BVI German Investment Funds Association)

Dr. Tim Kreutzmann serves as the Vice President of Legal at BVI, a pivotal role where he addresses the interests and intricacies of the German funds industry on both national and international platforms. Prior to his esteemed position at BVI, Dr. Kreutzmann gathered significant experience as a lawyer with top-tier firms including KPMG, PwC, and EY. Throughout his career, Dr. Kreutzmann has honed a specialty in crypto, blockchain, and digital asset sectors, aligning with BVI's role in connecting investors' capital offers with the capital demands of nations and corporations, thereby underlining a vital economic function.

LinkedIn: Dr. Tim Kreutzmann

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