CAC Speaker - Enno Henke

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Aug 23, 2023 8:14:56 PM

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Enno Henke (heartstocks)

Enno Henke, Co-Founder of heartstocks, is at the forefront of innovations in the digital stock market. Heartstocks aims to broaden the investment landscape, allowing for a wider range of tradable assets, from collectibles and investment goods to entire businesses. Their approach simplifies the conversion of such assets into tradeable shares by digitalizing the stock registry. This modernization streamlines capital transactions, providing real-time visibility for all trades. With the incorporation of established market mechanisms, heartstocks offers consistent value tracking of assets in the market. Before co-founding heartstocks, Enno served as a Sales Manager at CAP inside, where he gained insights into sales operations. Earlier, he undertook a significant role at Commerzbank AG, enriching his understanding of the banking sector. Given his experiences and his role in shaping heartstocks, Enno Henke exemplifies leadership in today's digital financial landscape.

LinkedIn: Enno Henke