CAC Speaker - Jürg Baltensperger

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Aug 17, 2023 11:48:54 AM

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Jürg Baltensperger (JayBee)

Jürg Baltensperger is the Managing Director at JayBee Ltd., working with a risk-based approach to provide efficient solutions. Specializing in compliance, risk management, and corporate governance, he supports companies in adapting to regulations and remediating legacy issues. A recognized regulatory expert, Jürg is engaged as a lecturer at various universities of applied science and is passionate about supporting blockchain companies.

Combining his skills with today's technology, he also focuses on automating regulatory requirements via RegTech solutions. Holding a Master of Law and a MAS in Risk Management, and certified as a PRINCE2 practitioner, Jürg leverages more than 10 years of practical experience to lead projects and offer regulatory training. He is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach in the fields of blockchain and regulatory compliance.

LinkedIn: Jürg Baltensperger