CAC Speaker - Lukas Weniger

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Sep 28, 2023 8:57:07 PM

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Lukas Weniger (Youba)

Lukas Weniger is a Co-Founder at Youba, a venture aimed at simplifying blockchain interactions through an NFC-enabled card, streamlining the onboarding journey from generating a private key to receiving the initial NFT. At Youba, Lukas is focused on redefining the user experience in the blockchain space, striving to make the technology more accessible. In addition to his role at Youba, Lukas engages as a freelancer with the Blockchain Art Collective, an initiative that employs blockchain and IoT technology to provide robust provenance tracking within the art community. Through this collective, Lukas contributes towards creating a secure and transparent verification and tracking system, which serves artists, collectors, dealers, and institutions. His work with the Blockchain Art Collective leverages blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and traceability in the art sector, aligning with his broader commitment to making blockchain more user-friendly and practical across different domains.

LinkedIn: Lukas Weniger