CAC Speaker - Roman Avdeev

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Sep 29, 2023 8:04:56 PM

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Roman Avdeev (Llamarisk)

Roman Avdeev serves as an Advisor at Llamarisk, alongside fulfilling a role as a partner at J3L Capital, an investment management firm centered on delta-neutral DeFi investments and arbitrage. His involvement at J3L Capital showcases his aptitude in the evolving digital finance sector. Additionally, Roman contributes at Stealth Mode, where his focus is directed towards Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis, Smart Contract Auditing, and Governance. These roles allow Roman to leverage his profound understanding of blockchain technology, further bridging the traditional and digital finance realms.

Prior to his current engagements, Roman honed his skills in the banking sector at Deutsche Bank, which equipped him with a robust foundation that now enhances his contributions to the blockchain and digital asset sectors. His diverse experiences make him a knowledgeable professional, adept at navigating the complex landscapes of both traditional and digital finance.

LinkedIn: Roman Avdeev