CAC Speaker - Torsten Dahmen

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Sep 27, 2023 6:10:38 PM

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Torsten Dahmen (E.ON)

Torsten Dahmen serves as the Senior Innovation Manager of Industry Innovation at E.ON, focusing on driving forward-thinking solutions within the energy sector. At E.ON Innovation, the mission is to propel the energy transformation towards a connected and sustainable world. Torsten is engaged in identifying and evaluating novel developments in the global energy ecosystem, further testing and crafting new business models and technologies for E.ON's core business. Through this role, he bridges connections between the E.ON SE Group and various innovative entities including startups, universities, and thought leaders, aiming to address significant challenges faced during the energy transition. Torsten's professional engagement promotes a thorough understanding of the intersection between blockchain technology and the evolving energy sector, enriching discussions and explorations in the upcoming crypto assets conference.

LinkedIn: Torsten Dahmen