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Sep 29, 2023 8:22:06 PM

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Llamarisk - Silver Sponsor

Llamarisk operates as an independent team avidly affiliated with the Curve community, with funding support from the Curve Grants Council. The essence of their operation lies in conducting meticulous due diligence on subjects pertinent to Curve DAO and its liquidity providers. The reports generated by Llamarisk primarily encompass asset risk assessments, diving deep into the mechanics and risk vectors of assets listed on the Curve AMM. The focus is majorly on DeFi protocols issuing stablecoins, pegged assets, or liquid staking derivatives, though they also extend their examination to centralized stablecoin issuers. By delivering their insightful reports, Llamarisk not only presents a public good to Curve and its users but also endeavors to foster and enhance relations between Curve and the protocols under review.

Website: Llamarisk