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Sep 28, 2023 9:09:09 PM

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Quantstamp - Reception Sponsor

Quantstamp stands as a global pioneer in blockchain security, with a clear mission to fortify the decentralized internet. By diligently safeguarding over $200 billion in digital asset risk from hackers, the company has evidently established a robust shield against potential threats. With a clientele exceeding 500 startups, foundations, and enterprises, Quantstamp has positioned itself as a trusted advisor in enhancing the security of innovative products. Its extensive experience, reflected in over 500 audits conducted, showcases the adeptness of a global team of security professionals committed to securing the future of web3. Through its rigorous audit services and trusted advisories, Quantstamp not only protects digital assets but also bolsters the confidence and safety of its extensive client base in navigating the digital realm.

Website: Quantstamp