CAC24A Start-Up Pitch - Crypto Risk Metrics

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Apr 4, 2024 8:18:30 PM

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Tim Zölitz - Crypto Risk Metrics (CAC24A Start-up Pitch)

Tim Zölitz is the Chief Risk Officer of Crypto Risk Metrics where the aim is to enable regulated financial market participants to adequately manage their risk exposure with regard to Digital Assets and thus comply with the mandatory regulatory requirements. Therefore, they assist regulated financial market participants in the risk-based assessment of i.e. cryptocurrencies, Delta-1 certificates ("crypto ETPs"), and tokenized securities.

In his professional experience, Tim also is Co-Founder & Member of the Board at Blockchain Association Schleswig-Holstein e.V. and is leading the Blockchain course at Previous to that, he was Co-Founder of Chainvest Capital and Research Fellow at the DEC Institute.

Stay tuned and get ready to know this year's start-ups better! Join us at CAC24A's pitch session on the exploration stage at 11am!  

Website: Crypto Risk Metrics
LinkedIn: Tim Zölitz

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