CAC24A Start-Up Pitch - Finzen

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Apr 4, 2024 8:30:20 PM

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Cedric Heidt - Finzen (CAC24A Start-up Pitch)

Cedric Heist is Research Associate at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and also Chainlink 2022 Hackathon Winner. Besides that, he is founder of Finzen, which an all-in-one budgeting tool & net-worth tracker. The aim is to have one application to manage your budget, monitor your spending, and track any assets you may have. By combining accessibility with near-professional-level analytics and reports, the goal is to bring instant financial literacy to anyone.

In his professional background, Cedric was Advisor at Blockchain Founders Group AG, Quality Assurance Operator at Eurofins Digital Media Services and part of the Business Development & Digital Marketing Team at getquin.

Stay tuned and get ready to know this year's start-ups better! Join us at CAC24A's pitch session on the exploration stage at 11am! 

Website: Finzen
LinkedIn: Cedric Heidt

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