CAC24A Start-Up Pitch - fija Finance

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Apr 4, 2024 8:34:57 PM

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Christoph Scholze - fija Finance (CAC24A Start-up Pitch)

Christoph Scholze holds the position of Managing Director and Co-Founder at fija Finance GmbH, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the cryptocurrency landscape by facilitating compliant, straightforward, and transparent earning of interest on crypto assets. Focusing on this objective, fija offers tokenized and automated DeFi yield strategies, enabling crypto holders to effortlessly generate interest. Through its efforts, fija integrates with existing financial applications, thereby making decentralized finance (DeFi) accessible to a wide audience.

In his professional history, Christoph Scholze has held positions such as Director of International Business at Deutsche Post Adress and Head of Function Product Management at CHECK24 Vergleichsportal.

Stay tuned and get ready to know this year's start-ups better! Join us at CAC24A's pitch session on the exploration stage at 11am! 

Website: fija Finance
LinkedIn: Christoph Scholze

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