CAC24A Speaker - Frank Nikolaus

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Apr 4, 2024 12:30:44 PM

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Frank Nikolaus (Myron)

In 2022, Frank Nikolaus co-founded Myron AG, a company whose Proof of Asset application facilitates instantaneous and cost-effective business financing. This application integrates safety measures with yield opportunities for eligible funders. Additionally, Frank has served as the Chairman of the Board of W.I.S. Sicherheit + Service GmbH & Co. KG for over a decade. He possesses expertise in Fintech (DeFi) and has honed his managerial and restructuring skills through his tenure as Managing Partner and Shareholder at Nikolaus & Co. LLP since July 2006. Within this role, he assumes responsibility for Financial Restructuring and Distressed Investment Advisory endeavors.

LinkedIn: Frank Nikolaus

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