CAC24A Speaker - Sebastian Becker

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Apr 4, 2024 12:50:20 AM


Sebastian Becker (Bundesblock)

Since October 2023, Sebastian Becker has been the CEO of Bundesblock, a non-profit association advocating for blockchain technology in Germany. The association was founded in 2017 and quickly grew to over a hundred members nationwide, including leading startups in the German blockchain sector. Members of Bundesblock are convinced that blockchain and similar decentralized technologies based on cryptography are fundamental infrastructure innovations, and their adoption is necessary to keep Germany competitive in the digital world. In addition to this role, Sebastian also owns and serves as the Conference Director at thebrainbehind GmbH, a management consulting company based in Munich active in the TV/Media sector, web3/Blockchain, as well as Green & Impact Tech domains. Due to his impressive expertise and affinity, he serves as the president of the IPBD (Interplanetary Database Association e.V.) and as a member of the board of directors at INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications). Prior to his current position, Sebastian worked as the Chief Commercial Officer at RIDDLE&CODE for more than 5 years, where he initiated successful collaborations with leading corporations to advance blockchain tech adoption and represented the company in various international organizations.

LinkedIn: Sebastian Becker

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