CAC24A Speaker - Dr. Marc Henniges

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Apr 9, 2024 2:52:07 PM


Dr. Marc Henniges (d-fine)

Dr. Marc Henniges holds the position of Senior Manager at d-fine, where he brings over 11 years of expertise in blockchain practices. With a background in physics, Dr. Henniges has transitioned into the blockchain sphere, specializing in electronic securities, tokenization, decentralized identity, and DLT-related business strategies. Throughout his career, he has supported numerous client projects, spanning tokenization to self-sovereign identity, and has developed proficiency in central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and pay-per-use applications. His multifaceted knowledge of the blockchain universe helps clients in optimizing their blockchain enterprises, covering aspects from project management to effective implementation. Prior to joining d-fine, he conducted research at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, focusing on generative models in computer vision.

LinkedIn: Dr. Marc Henniges

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