CAC24A Speaker - Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz

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Feb 26, 2024 3:04:55 PM

Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz


Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz (d-fine)

Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz is a Partner and Managing Director at d-fine, where he also drives blockchain-related projects for large and small clients. Trained as a theoretical physicist, Dr. Hirtschulz has translated his analytical prowess into a career that spans both information technology and the rapidly evolving world of blockchain.
At d-fine, he leads the firm's blockchain activities, working on a diverse range of projects encompassing enterprise blockchain, digital asset market infrastructures, and tokenization. His broad experience in these areas positions him as a driving force within the company and the broader industry. At conferences, Dr. Hirtschulz's combines mastery of blockchain technology, information security, and strategic leadership which makes him an influential figure in both the technological and financial landscapes.

LinkedIn: Dr. Frank Schlaberg

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