CAC24A Speaker - Marcel Kaiser

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Feb 26, 2024 3:03:36 PM

Marcel Kaiser


Marcel Kaiser (Defiria)

Marcel Kaiser, Co-Founder at Defiria, has made significant contributions to the Web3 and DeFi sectors. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, he has consistently showcased his expertise as a business developer, mentor, and speaker. His role as the main stage moderator at the Crypto Assets Conference in Frankfurt underscores his involvement in the industry. His research, concentrated on the economics of blockchain and its industrial applications, has been featured in esteemed publications, including Forbes, Capital, the bdvb, and cryptofit. Parallel to his endeavors at Defiria, Marcel serves as a Business Development Manager at PolyCrypt and mentors at DeFi Talents, further emphasizing his commitment to the digital finance space. Prior to Defiria, Marcel was part of the Project Lead at Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and accumulated experience in various key positions. This culmination of roles reinforces his position as a well-regarded figure in the domain of crypto, blockchain, and digital assets.

LinkedIn: Marcel Kaiser

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