CAC Speaker - Alexandra Overgaag

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Sep 19, 2023 9:59:09 AM

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Alexandra Overgaag (Thrilld Labs)

Alexandra Overgaag is the Founder and CEO of Thrilld Labs, a pioneering business solution designed to optimize Web3 collaborations. With Thrilld, Alexandra champions a vision to connect Web3 projects, professional investors, developers, and Web3 service providers, streamlining discussions on business, funding, and synergies. Launching with a substantial waitlist, Thrilld promises to reshape the Web3 business landscape.

Hailing from Amsterdam and now based in Italy, Alexandra brings a rich blend of expertise to the table. As an independent author, her insights have been featured in renowned publications like Cointelegraph. Her mentoring endeavors with DLT Talents, Bitcoin Talents, and NFT Talents emphasize her dedication to nurturing the next generation of blockchain innovators. Furthermore, her previous involvement as a Member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain in the House of Commons in 2022 attests to her influence in bridging the worlds of emerging tech and politics. Alexandra's multifaceted journey, from bartending to entrepreneurship, culminates in her unwavering commitment to the Web3 space.

LinkedIn: Alexandra Overgaag