CAC Speaker - Olaf Hannemann

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Sep 18, 2023 3:23:21 PM

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Olaf Hannemann (CV VC)

Olaf Hannemann is the Co-Founder of CV VC, a pioneering investment company situated in the heart of Crypto Valley that bridges the gap between cutting-edge blockchain technology and traditional venture capital. Through CV VC, Olaf supports ventures at all stages of blockchain development, from incubation to pre and post-ICO phases, emphasizing the transformative potential of blockchain.

In addition to CV VC, Olaf is the Co-Founder of nourish me GmbH, guiding corporations on wellness and nutrition at work initiatives and distributing select, high-quality nutritional supplements. He's also the founder of INTABA Finance AG, focusing on investments and advisory. Prior to establishing his noteworthy ventures, Olaf honed his financial acumen with over 18 years at JP Morgan in Corporate & Investment Banking and client management. This extensive background, combined with his passion for blockchain, positions Olaf Hannemann as a respected figure in the convergence of traditional finance and digital assets.

LinkedIn: Olaf Hannemann