CAC Speaker - Anna Graf

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Sep 20, 2023 7:13:44 PM

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Anna Graf (Arvato Bertelsmann)

Anna Graf serves as a Web3 Metaverse Consultant at Arvato Bertelsmann, a global IT specialist known for propelling notable businesses into the era of Digital Transformation. With over 3,100 professionals across 25 global locations, Arvato Bertelsmann brings unparalleled technical expertise and a keen understanding of customer-centric solutions. Leveraging strong partnerships with industry giants such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft, they focus on empowering digital leaders.

In addition to her role at Arvato, Anna is the owner of ANNA, a firm dedicated to crafting innovative communication concepts for local enterprises, both online and offline, and pioneering new sales strategies tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. Prior to her current endeavors, Anna accumulated valuable experience in management, diving deep into the realms of NFTs and entrepreneurial foundations. With her strong background in both traditional business structures and the evolving digital landscape, Anna Graf stands as a seasoned expert in the intersection of crypto, blockchain, and digital assets.

LinkedIn: Anna Graf