CAC Speaker - Dr. Jan Rosam

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Sep 20, 2023 7:16:06 PM

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Dr. Jan Rosam (Ernst & Young)

Dr. Jan Rosam stands out as a Partner for 
Dr. Jan Rosam is a Partner in the Technology Consulting Department at EY's EMEIA Financial Services Office, leading the Banking & Capital Markets Team in Germany and serving as the IBOR Transition & Brexit Leader for Consulting at EY Germany. With over 15 years in consulting related to Capital Markets, Treasury, and more, he previously worked at LPA and CAPCO on various financial projects. He possesses deep expertise in areas like clearing, collateral management, risk management, and regulatory requirements, among others. Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert within EY, Jan frequently shares insights on topics like the IBOR Transition, Quantum Computing, and Blockchain.

LinkedIn: Dr. Jan Rosam