CAC Speaker - Dolf Diederichsen

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Sep 25, 2023 5:02:39 PM

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Dolf Diederichsen (Hyphe)

Dolf Diederichsen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Hyphe, an entity dedicated to bridging financial institutions with digital currency trading, striving to democratize access to financial markets. Prior to Hyphe, Dolf helmed B4C Markets as CEO & Co-Founder, a pioneering Amsterdam-based liquidity provider assisting European financial institutions in embracing digital currency trading, under the regulatory oversight of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). This venture significantly contributed to the evolving digital currency exchange landscape since its inception in 2013. Before his entrepreneurial journey, Dolf enriched his strategic acumen as a project leader at The Boston Consulting Group, where he honed his consultancy skills that later fueled his ventures in the digital finance domain. Dolf’s expertise lies in fostering blockchain advancements and expanding digital asset accessibility, manifesting a profound impact in aligning traditional financial infrastructures with the modern digital trading realm. His professional trajectory underlines a seamless blend of strategic consultancy, entrepreneurial foresight, and a commitment to advancing the digital finance ecosystem.

LinkedIn: Dolf Diederichsen