CAC Speaker - Jens Siebert

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Aug 17, 2023 10:48:43 AM

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Jens Siebert (KPMG Deutschland)

Jens Siebert is a leading figure in financial innovation, serving as a partner at KPMG Deutschland. Specializing in securities and capital markets, he advises banks on strategic, operational, and regulatory issues, with a particular focus on DLT-based business models. Recognized as one of Germany's pioneers for regulated DLT financial services, Jens has established one of the first licensed crypto custodians and led various tokenization projects. His interests extend to blockchain, digital banking, digital assets, contemporary art, and privacy. In addition to his work at KPMG, Jens is a regular speaker, panelist, and expert to the German Parliament on digital securities. His industry expertise and deep understanding of marketplace financing make him a prominent influencer in the evolving world of digital finance.

LinkedIn: Jens Siebert