CAC Speaker - Christoph Hock

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Aug 17, 2023 10:50:53 AM

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Christoph Hock (Union Investment)

Christoph Hock is a seasoned professional in the field of multi-asset trading, with over 20 years of international experience in investment banking, trading, and management. As the Head of Multi-Asset Trading at Union Investment, Christoph oversees all trading activities related to cash equities, fixed income, funds, ETFs, FX, and both listed and OTC derivatives. His leadership extends to several influential roles, including Co-Chairman at Plato Partnership, Director of Neptune Networks, and Director of Sustainable Trading. Christoph also chairs the BVI Buyside Traders Forum and is a notable advocate for digital assets and the token economy. Educated at the Frankfurt School, with a master's degree from St. Gallen and a Diplom-Bankbetriebswirt, Christoph's extensive career includes vital positions at Barclays Bank and Alpha Trading. His multifaceted expertise and forward-thinking approach have made him a respected figure in capital management and beyond.

LinkedIn: Christoph Hock