CAC Speaker - Jan Ceyssens

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Sep 8, 2023 8:44:19 PM

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Jan Ceyssens (European Commission)

Jan Ceyssens holds a pivotal role as the Head of Unit at the European Commission, a position he has steadfastly maintained for 17 years. The European Commission, serving as an independent entity, represents and upholds the interests of the EU. It prepares legislation in conjunction with the Council and the Parliament, and oversees the administration of budget and policy programmes in partnership with authorities across member countries. Before ascending to his current role, Jan gained crucial legal insights as a Rechtsreferendar (judicial clerk) at the Kammergericht Berlin.

Under Jan Ceyssens' guidance, the European Commission has shown a discernible interest in the realm of digital assets. Recognizing the potential and implications of crypto assets and digital currencies, the Commission has been proactive in studying, regulating, and integrating these innovations to ensure a harmonized approach across the European Union. Jan's tenure reflects his commitment to understanding the complex interplay between traditional financial systems and emergent digital innovations, making him an informed voice in the evolving landscape of digital finance.

LinkedIn: Jan Ceyssens