CAC Speaker - Alfonso Gomez

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Sep 8, 2023 8:39:03 PM

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Alfonso Gomez (BBVA)

Currently serving as the CEO of BBVA in Switzerland, the group's International Private Bank, Alfonso Gomez has been with the institution since 1994, progressing through various leadership roles that have leveraged his deep understanding of both traditional banking and the evolving digital domain. Since his appointment in July 2014, Alfonso Gomez has managed the bank's offshore private banking initiatives, concentrating on key markets such as Latin America, Mexico, Turkey, and Europe.

Before heading BBVA in Switzerland, Alfonso Gomez's global assignments included his role as the Head of Global Private Banking in New York, overseeing strategic projects across BBVA's global units. Earlier, he steered the bank's strategies for Spain & Portugal as the Head of Private Banking. Between 2004 and 2008, he was stationed in London, initially overseeing Corporate Banking, Global Trade Finance, and Global Clients, and subsequently taking charge as BBVA UK's Country Manager.

With an academic background in economics from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and further education from IESE Business School and Singularity University in Silicon Valley, Alfonso Gomez's expertise isn't limited to traditional banking. Notably, his leadership at BBVA has seen a significant shift towards the integration of crypto assets, blockchain technology, and digital innovations. His vision has been instrumental in positioning BBVA as a frontrunner in the adoption of 2.0 blockchain technology, bridging the gap between conventional banking and the digital crypto realm.

LinkedIn: Alfonso Gomez