CAC Speaker - Chen Arad

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Aug 17, 2023 11:07:20 AM

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Chen Arad (Solidus Labs)

Chen Arad is the Co-Founder & CXO at Solidus Labs, a company at the forefront of bridging traditional finance and the digital economy. Passionate about transforming complex issues into compelling narratives, Chen plays a vital role in combatting manipulation within the digital asset space. At Solidus, he helps businesses operate with reduced risk, increased transparency, and strengthened credibility. This commitment reflects a broader ambition to transform finance, make capital markets more accessible, inject liquidity into previously illiquid assets, and introduce new levels of efficiency in the world of blockchain and digital assets.

Before co-founding Solidus Labs, Chen spent a decade as a print and TV journalist, covering diverse topics from U.S. elections to the Syrian refugee crisis, culture, and food. He also served as a marketing manager, a university lecturer on media and politics at Brandeis University, and an activist promoting more constructive discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His background as a former journalist and social entrepreneur, coupled with his expertise in turning complex issues into compelling stories, positions Chen Arad as an influential figure in both the digital finance world and the broader cultural landscape.

LinkedIn: Chen Arad