CAC Speaker - Justus Schleicher

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Sep 7, 2023 6:47:29 PM

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Justus Schleicher (Zanders Group)

Currently serving as a Manager in Blockchain at Zanders Group, Justus Schleicher has solidified his position in the sphere of blockchain and digital assets. Zanders, a respected global advisory known for its innovative financial solutions since 1994, has benefited from Justus's expertise and practical application in the blockchain domain. In addition to his role at Zanders, Justus founded, an initiative aiming to make NFT analytics more accessible. This venture underscores his dedication to technological advancement in the digital asset sector.

His professional journey also saw key roles, such as a Program Manager at NFT Talents and a Research Assistant at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. These roles, coupled with his foundational experience in consultancy, have contributed to his comprehensive understanding of the blockchain and crypto industry. With a diverse background encompassing various facets of digital finance, Justus Schleicher is recognized for his significant contributions to blockchain and crypto methodologies, both at Zanders Group and beyond.

LinkedIn: Justus Schleicher