CAC Speaker - Dr. Marcus Hennig

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Sep 21, 2023 8:54:27 AM

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Dr. Marcus Hennig (d-fine)

Dr. Marcus Hennig, a Principal at d-fine, blends his background in physics and mathematical finance to pioneer transformative blockchain projects across varied industry sectors, from finance and mobility to manufacturing. Following a diverse tenure in leading research centers across France, China, and Australia, Marcus transitioned to the finance sector in Germany, bringing his rich analytical expertise to the consultancy domain. At d-fine—a European firm boasting the collective proficiency of over 1,500 experts emphasizing mathematical modeling, technological advancement, and Data Science—Marcus spearheads initiatives that craft innovative products and services using distributed ledger technologies. He adeptly advises clients on the technical and strategic facets of creating minimal viable products, from conceptualization and infrastructure development to deployment and integration. Marcus' prior experience further encompasses research, lecturing, and software development, fortifying his standing as an expert committed to fostering sustainable solutions in the digital assets and blockchain space.

LinkedIn: Dr. Marcus Hennig