CAC Speaker - Marina Khaustova

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Aug 17, 2023 11:34:53 AM

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Marina Khaustova (Crystal Blockchain)

Marina Khaustova, the Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Blockchain, stands out as one of the leading women in the crypto industry, with a rich 12-year background in technology. Though her education was in humanities and languages, Marina has adeptly transitioned into the technology sector and now heads Crystal Blockchain, an all-in-one blockchain investigative tool.

Designed specifically for law enforcement and financial institutions, Crystal Blockchain provides advanced analytics, data scraping, and comprehensive insights into the public blockchain ecosystem. The platform offers vital services like tracking bitcoin transactions to real-world entities, determining relationships between criminal actors, and surveying suspicious behavior. Under Marina's leadership, Crystal Blockchain plays a pivotal role in advancing compliance and investigative solutions for various entities dealing with digital assets, including financial institutions, virtual asset service providers, and security firms. Her vision and expertise continue to drive innovation and excellence in the fast-evolving world of blockchain analytics.

LinkedIn: Marina Khaustove