CAC Speaker - Marc Weber

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Aug 17, 2023 11:39:14 AM

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Marc Weber (Floin)

Marc Weber is the Founder and CEO of Floin, a Liechtenstein-based FinTech startup that serves as a registered Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), creating a new home for digital assets. Holding an MBA in Investment Banking from LSBF (UK), Marc's rich background extends beyond his home country of Germany, as he is now based in both Dubai and Vaduz.

With specialized expertise as a Digital Asset and Compliance Specialist in the MENA and EEA region, Marc is also a Co-Founder of infinCUBE. His unique blend of financial acumen, regulatory know-how, and technical expertise positions him as a vital figure in the industry. Marc has not only acted as an advisor to various startups but is also a lead investor himself. His contributions to the evolving landscape of digital finance, along with his role as a keynote speaker, make him an influential voice and leader in the field. His insight and innovation are helping to shape the future of digital assets within the MENA and DACH regions.

LinkedIn: Marc Weber