CAC Speaker - Philipp Hartmannsgruber

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Aug 17, 2023 11:41:33 AM

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Philipp Hartmannsgruber (M.M. Warburg & CO)

Philipp Hartmannsgruber currently leads as the Head of DLT & Digital Assets at M.M.Warburg & CO, where he oversees digital assets, their distribution, and the digital euro, focusing on leveraging technological opportunities to enhance efficiency and introduce new products and services. Concurrently, he holds a prominent position as a board member at Bundesblock. With a robust academic background in Finance & Accounting and Economics, Philipp's earlier roles include serving as the Head of Digital Money & Digital Assets at the German Savings Banks Association (DSGV), delving into cryptocurrencies, trading, and related infrastructure. Prior to DSGV, he was the Head of Corporates & Digital Markets at CM-Equity AG and Head of Operations at Blockchain Bundesverband. Furthermore, he founded PJAH Consulting, a specialized blockchain consultancy. A recognized expert, Philipp has contributed articles on digital currencies and hosts the podcast "Decrypted - Blockchain and Bitcoin with Philipp."

LinkedIn: Philipp Hartmannsgruber