CAC Speaker - Michael Spitz

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Sep 29, 2023 8:14:39 PM

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Michael Spitz (360X)

Michael Spitz is the Founder and Co-CEO of 360X, an innovative platform championing a new era of tokenization by melding market expertise with groundbreaking technology. 360X aims to democratize markets, offering a secure, swift, and straightforward avenue for trading tokenized rights in expert-verified high-quality art, music, and real estate assets.

Prior to his venture with 360X, Michael served as the CEO of Main Incubator GmbH, neosfer, a firm dedicated to providing financial service providers and their customers access to digital and sustainable innovations. Through investing in early-stage startups and fostering its own developments, neosfer sought to harness collaborative efforts to identify and deliver optimal solutions, with sustainability deeply ingrained in its operational framework. Furthermore, his professional narrative includes a tenure at Commerzbank, which bolstered his industry knowledge and network.

LinkedIn: Michael Spitz