CAC Speaker - Volker Braunberger

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Sep 29, 2023 8:12:25 PM

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Volker Braunberger (

Volker Braunberger serves as the CEO at, a blockchain consulting firm dedicated to the integration and management of digital securities and crypto-assets, co-established by Frankfurt School and Plutoneo. With a tailored approach to financial institutions and crypto companies, focuses on strategic blockchain deployment and digital asset implementation. With a rich 20-year history as a management consultant, Volker has provided strategic support to both national and international banks and asset managers. Over the last 5 years, he has channeled his expertise into exploring blockchain-based applications for these entities. This journey led him to launch fundsonchain in early 2021, a FinTech start-up offering a comprehensive solution for DLT-based processing and digital distribution of investment funds, where he also serves as the CEO.

His prior consultancy experience, combined with his ventures in blockchain technology, places Volker in a notable position to contribute to the crypto assets conference, sharing insights from both traditional financial and modern blockchain realms. Through his initiatives, he continues to work toward influencing the future landscape of the investment fund industry.

LinkedIn: Volker Braunberger