CAC Speaker - Robert Materazzi

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Sep 13, 2023 2:44:59 PM

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Robert Materazzi (Lukka)

Robert Materazzi stands as the Chief Executive Officer at Lukka, a leading institution that transforms intricate post-trade crypto data into streamlined, operational business information. Since its establishment in 2014, Lukka has carved a niche for itself by marrying the intricacies of blockchain data with traditional business imperatives. Serving a broad spectrum of clients, from traditional and crypto asset exchanges to CPA firms and financial auditors, Lukka's offerings are anchored in institutional standards, notably the AICPA SOC Controls, emphasizing accuracy and completeness.

Before spearheading efforts at Lukka, Robert refined his acumen in the financial services sector at PwC. His combined expertise from PwC and Lukka has solidified his position as a seasoned professional in the realms of crypto, blockchain, and digital assets. Robert's pragmatic approach and extensive experience make him a pivotal figure in digital finance's evolving landscape.

LinkedIn: Robert Materazzi