CAC Speaker - Volker Liermann

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Sep 13, 2023 2:48:26 PM

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Volker Liermann (EY ifb)

Volker Liermann, serving as the Head of Developing Digitalization at EY ifb, has been an integral part of the EY landscape for over 26 years. With his strategic role, Volker plays a pivotal part in driving the digital transformation initiatives of EY ifb, particularly in harnessing the potential of blockchain, crypto, and digital assets.

EY ifb is recognized for its dedication to assisting banks and insurance companies in adapting to an evolving financial landscape, emphasizing the optimization of finance and risk functions through digitization and artificial intelligence (AI). Volker's leadership in this domain ensures that clients can seamlessly integrate advanced IT architectures into their business models, meeting the multifaceted demands of supervision, management, accounting, and risk.

Throughout his tenure, Liermann's profound understanding of digital transformation, combined with his expertise in the digital assets realm, has fortified EY ifb's position in driving innovation in the finance sector.

LinkedIn: Volker Liermann