CAC24A Speaker - Roberto Pagliari

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Apr 10, 2024 4:18:25 PM

Roberto Pagliari (Commerzbank)

 Roberto Pagliari serves as the Director and Senior Product Owner - DLT Cash and Markets at Commerzbank in London. Since joining Commerzbank AG in 2007, he has been an integral part of various IT and Digital Transformation projects, leveraging his extensive expertise in Capital Markets and IT Innovation/DLT. Prior to his tenure at Commerzbank, Roberto amassed valuable experience at different consulting firms and international banks such as Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and Deloitte Consulting.
In addition to his role at Commerzbank, Roberto is actively involved in the Digital Euro Association, aligning his interests with emerging blockchain topics. Notably, he recently participated as a speaker in the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center panel discussion titled "The Digital Euro Landscape: A Status Update" in March 2024.

LinkedIn: Roberto Pagliari

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