CAC24A Start-Up Pitch - SatsBridge

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Apr 15, 2024 7:47:27 AM

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Ilya Evdokimov - SatsBridge (CAC24A Start-up Pitch)

Ilya Evdokimov is the Founder of SatsBridge & Standard Sat, while working as a Superstars Program Trainee of Blockchain Founders Group (BFG) since 2023. Besides that, Ilya Evdokimov is a software engineer and has a highly diversified background with a PhD covering experimental measurements and development of computational algorithm and solving multiphysics problems.

SatsBridge is pioneering as a bridge between the Lightning Network and other chains, focusing on layer 2 scaling solutions with an eye on future expansions. The start-up's mission is to support the Bitcoin ecosystem, facilitate the seamless transfer of value across different networks through cross-chain methods and broaden the scope of economic activities for users. Additionally, it aims to simplify the process of transferring BRC20 tokens to other networks.

Stay tuned and get ready to know this year's start-ups better! Join us at CAC24A's pitch session on the exploration stage at 11am! 

Website: SatsBridge
LinkedIn: Ilya Evdokimov

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