CAC Speaker - Andreas Traum

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Sep 26, 2023 2:20:26 PM

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Andreas Traum (PwC)

Andreas Traum serves as a Partner for Financial Services Advisory at PwC, specializing in steering financial services clients through the capital markets industry. With a rich background in management, financial advisory, and capital markets from his tenure at firms such as Accenture before PwC, Andreas has a well-rounded perspective that enables him to identify, plan, and execute business and technology transformations proficiently.

His expertise extends to the burgeoning domain of digital assets, focusing on how cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and crypto custody are redefining the traditional financial markets. In this venture, Andreas is not only contributing to, but also fostering a growing ecosystem surrounding digital assets. His hands-on experience, paired with a demonstrated track record in both on-site and multi-site global delivery, places him in a pivotal position to advise on digital transformations within capital markets and financial services.

Andreas's in-depth understanding of trading architecture and financial market infrastructure makes him a crucial asset in navigating the evolving landscape of blockchain and digital assets.

LinkedIn: Andreas Traum