CAC Speaker - Stephan Paxmann

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Sep 27, 2023 5:53:18 PM

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Stephan Paxmann (LBBW)

Stephan Paxmann serves as the Lead for Digitalization & Innovation at LBBW, a prominent banking institution in Germany which stands as a significant financial pillar in the southwestern region of the country. At LBBW, Stephan is instrumental in steering the digital transformation journey, primarily focusing on innovation around digital assets, blockchain technology, and FinTech.

Before his engagement with LBBW, Stephan amassed a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, consultancy, and management, holding various board positions. His current role at LBBW involves propelling innovative endeavors, aligning them with the bank's strategic goals in the digital finance landscape. He continually seeks collaboration with experts in FinTech, blockchain, and digital assets, driving forward the bank’s initiatives in these domains.

With a self-proclaimed affinity for the digital realm, Stephan Paxmann plays a crucial role in navigating LBBW through the evolving digital finance ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of blockchain and digital assets in modern banking solutions.

LinkedIn: Stephan Paxmann