CAC Speaker - Christian Sander

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Sep 20, 2023 7:07:01 PM

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Christian Sander (EnBW)

Christian Sander serves as the Lead for Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies at EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, a role he has meticulously carried out for a decade, though his association with EnBW extends even further, having previously worked there from 2001-2011. In his capacity, Christian focuses on the evaluation of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger capabilities, assessing their potential impact across EnBW's business sectors. He has successfully implemented MVP and POC applications, including energy sharing, origin verification, quality assurance, and peer-to-peer trading. Furthermore, Christian has spearheaded the development of a blockchain-based ecosystem tailored for energy industry applications and has diligently analyzed business models, regulatory environments, and established both internal and external networking avenues for collaborative exchange.

Prior to this, Christian led local Information-management at Netze BW GmbH, where he was responsible for IT demand and portfolio management, strategy formulation, and overseeing key IT projects. With a comprehensive grasp over blockchain and its applications in energy, Christian's expertise stands as a testament to his professional prowess.

LinkedIn: Christian Sander